Twitter warns that second Capitol attack is planned for January 17th

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In the company’s statement about banning Donald Trump from the platform, Twitter warns that a second attack in Washington, D.C. is being mentioned by its users. The date will be January 17.

Plans for future armed protests have already begun proliferating on and off-Twitter, including a proposed secondary attack on the US Capitol and state capitol buildings on January 17, 2021. 


One Twitter user pointed out that a forum populated by gun enthusiasts includes a post from December advertising an event for that date. Here is a flyer included with the post.

The post also includes a graphic with addresses for every state capitol for those who want to “demand freedom” without a trip to Washington.

This second graphic is courtesy of a website called Tree Of Liberty, where the flyer has also been posted as recently as this week by the website owner. He goes by the username AxxiosGrey, and he appears to be the organizer of the January 17 event.

Based on another page on Tree Of Liberty, the website is ran by the far-right extremist group Boogaloo Boys. Either in an effort to prevent harm or to protect itself from being held accountable, the website has asked event attendees on January 17th not to repeat what happened at the Capitol attack.

As a representative of the Boogaloo Movement and a public voice talking to all of you, I must make it ABSOLUTELY CLEAR that we will not be acting in the way that the Trump protestors acted this week.

Our January 17th demonstration will be peaceful and will be an event in the spirit of unity with our communities and those who wish to demonstrate their right to bear arms. We have no plans to do anything to the capitol buildings in the cities in which we plan the demonstration.

Tree Of Liberty

It’s unlikely anyone who is a real supporter of the Boogaloo movement would be against violence.


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