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Around 9p.m. local time, Donald Trump returns to New York for the first time since leaving the White House.

Based on reporting from the New York Times, Trump might be meeting with political consultants, though it seems unlikely he’d make the trip for a conversation that could be had over the phone.

The former president is also being encouraged by people like Dick Morris, the notorious political consultant known for flipping between the parties, who has been meeting with him in New York and encouraging him to take on the party he once led.

The New York Times

We don’t know much else about Trump’s visit. This post will be updated if we learn more.

It’s possible Trump is being deposed by prosecutors with the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, the only people given legal access to his tax returns and financial records.

It’s also possible Trump is meeting with Allen Weisselberg, the Trump Organization COO who prosecutors are hoping will be the key to their investigation.

His trip, which ends Tuesday, might have nothing to do with the investigation. After all, Trump Tower was where he lived and worked for decades, and it’s still the center of the Trump Organization.

In January, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced the city was terminating all of the Trump Organization’s concession contracts including the two Central Park rinks, Wollman and Lasker, because of Trump’s connection to the MAGA mob riot. It was also reported last month that NYPD began removing some of the barriers in front of Trump Tower, which were erected four years ago when Trump entered the White House, as a precautionary measure to prevent vandals from targetting the building.


When Trump arrives, rumors fly on Twitter that Benjamin Netanyahu is also at Trump Tower. That rumor appears to have started when an independent journalist misidentified someone entering the building. There is no evidence Netanyahu is in New York or anywhere outside Israel.

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Photo: New York Post

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