Forbes: At least $7 million in campaign donations went to Trump businesses

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Forbes reports that $2.8 million in donations to Donald Trump’s reelection campaign and another $4.3 million from a Trump-GOP fundraising committee were spent on Trump’s own businesses.

The donations began moving to Trump businesses on the day he took office in 2017 and continued after he lost reelection in 2020.

The report does not include payments to a company named DT Endeavor in the total sum, for reasons explained below.

On November 19, the campaign paid $31,000 for air travel to a company named DT Endeavor LLC. Five days later, the joint-fundraising committee paid the same entity $39,000. Forbes did not include those payments in its overall total of money moving into Trump’s empire, since it’s not 100% clear that the former president owns DT Endeavor LLC. There are strong indications that he does, though. The federal filings list the address for the DT Endeavor LLC as Trump Tower in one spot and Mar-a-Lago in another. Trump also owns an aviation company with an almost identical name, DT Endeavor I LLC.

Read the full report at the link below.

Other reports show at least $8 million in donations were directed to Trump businesses, including donations to the RNC, Trump Victory, and Trump Make America Great Again Committee.


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