Louis DeJoy lies to Congress at least four times about his work at USPS

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Postmaster General Louis DeJoy lies to Congress at least four times about changes he’s made to the United States Postal Service. DeJoy testifies before the Senate on August 21 and before the House on August 24.

Lie #1

DeJoy tells lawmakers that he is unaware of letter sorting machines and mail boxes being removed around the country. Despite supposedly not knowing about it, he goes on to explain why he thinks the decision was necessary. He also refuses to end the practice. Later, it comes out that DeJoy knew and supposedly ordered the removals of mail sorting machines to stop days before his testimony.

Lie #2

DeJoy tells the Senate that he has had no contact with the Trump campaign about mail-in voting. Three days later, he tells the House that yes, he has reached out to people in the campaign about the narrative on mail-in voting.

Lie #3

DeJoy tells the Senate that he has not ordered USPS to cut workers’ overtime. Any USPS employee will tell you he has, and he announced cuts to overtime earlier this month.

Lie #4

DeJoy claims that the delays at USPS began before he took over, as a result of the pandemic. On August 24, when DeJoy testifies before the House, Rep. Carolyn Maloney produces an internal USPS document that warned DeJoy two weeks ago about widespread delays resulting from his changes, specifically.

I’m concerned we didn’t receive this information. I have to say, Mr. DeJoy, we sent our letter two days after you received this briefing and this document. It must have been fresh on your mind. There’s absolutely no excuse for concealing it and withholding this information from the committee or from your testimony before the Senate when you were expressly asked questions about the information in the document.

Unfortunately, this committee received it from someone else. So, Mr. Dejoy, you’re withholding information from us, concealing documents, and downplaying the damage that you’re causing.

Rep. Carolyn Maloney

Possibly a Lie

DeJoy tells House members that he has never told employees at his previous company to donate to Donald Trump in return for a reimbursement. It turns out that DeJoy did give this deal to employees to raise donations for Republican campaigns. He also pressured them to attend fundraising events. It’s unknown if Trump’s campaign was one that received these donations, but research by Forbes makes it appear as such.











Photo: Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call/Pool

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