Russia passes a law to let Putin kill Americans for ‘mass disturbances’

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Sometime in July, Russia passes a law that opens the door for its military and intelligence units to “take out” anyone outside of the country, as long as President Vladimir Putin orders the kill.

The new law permits killings abroad of anyone that Putin accuses of “extremism.” Around the same time, Russia amends other laws governing Russia’s security services, mass media, and communications.

According to the BBC, the overall result dramatically expands Russia’s guidelines for labeling foreign citizens as extremists or terrorists. The labels can now apply to anyone “causing mass disturbances.”

Unlike vaguely similar laws in other countries, Russia’s law gives President Vladimir Putin alone the power to determine who should be targeted.

Activist groups in Russia view the law as giving Putin full control to send “death squads” to other countries. Within months of the law passing, Russia is accused of doing exactly that.

This law comes up in Trump File’s research because of comments made by now-President Joe Biden. In 2021, after Biden confirms on national television that he views Putin as a killer, some Russian pundits advocate for Putin to respond with torture and, in some cases, cold bodies.

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