Jeffrey Epstein is charged with soliciting prostitution from minors

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Jeffrey Epstein is indicted for soliciting prostitution and other services from women and underage girls. He pleads not guilty.

In an affidavit describing their investigation, the police said that Mr. Epstein repeatedly paid young women, including some minors, for massages, and sometimes sex, at his Palm Beach home.

The indictment, unsealed Monday, seems to be drawing especially close attention because of Mr. Epstein’s reputation as an enigmatic financier with connections in high places. He was known to hobnob with President Clinton and manage money for Limited chief executive Leslie Wexner.

A lawyer for Mr. Epstein, who lives on a private island in the Virgin Islands and keeps an office in New York, denies that he committed any crimes. The lawyer, Jack Goldberger, also told The Palm Beach Post that the grand jury had rejected the other charges that police had tried to bring against Mr. Epstein, including charges of unlawful sex with a minor.

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