Alex Jones claims Trump White House told him to cover QAnon, gets Russian visa

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Conspiracy theorist and InfoWars host Alex Jones claims that five Pentagon officials told him that QAnon is real and that the White House has told him and other commentators to push “Q” conspiracies.

I’ve been told by five different Pentagon sources, high level, that that whole 8chan thing is real and that they’re basically forecasting what they’d like to see happen and giving you information. That’s definitely real. That’s why Corsi’s been– I’ll let you know ’cause the enemy knows. The White House directly asked Corsi to be on the 8kun beat a month ago. That’s directly from the White House… What does that say about QAnon? Whether it’s– I mean, we’re being told by the White House, “please cover this.” What does that say?

Alex Jones, InfoWars

The Corsi that Jones mentions is Jerome Corsi, a conspiracy theorist and Council for National Policy member. He acted as a middle man in conversations between Roger Stone and Julian Assange (Access Hollywood, Clinton emails) during the Trump campaign in 2016.

The same exact day, Jones is issued a business visa in Russia that expires in three years. The field that is supposed to say which organization is sponsoring his visa is blank.

Somewhere else on Trump File, I link to a source at Russia’s state media company, RT, who says that the Russian government pays U.S. media figures to spread propaganda. The payments are sent through channels so that they can’t be traced. Could this explain Jones’ business visa and why he’s been pushing Russian disinformation since at least 2012? (I’ll include that link at the bottom when I find it).

After the Capitol attack in 2021, Alex Jones states that QAnon is nothing but lies and that he’s known since the first day he mentioned the movement on his show.

I knew what you were [on] day one, and I know what you are now, and I’m sick of it!

Alex Jones, InfoWars


Video Evidence, skip to 48:00

2012: Alex Jones and Russian propaganda

Alex Jones disowns Q

Photo: InfoWars screenshot, edited

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