China approves Ivanka Trump’s trademark on voting machines

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Ivanka Trump receives approval for a Chinese trademark on voting machines after a first trial.

Presidential adviser Ivanka Trump’s fashion brand won first trial approval for 16 new trademarks from the Chinese government in October. These approvals come about three months after Ivanka announced that her brand was shutting down, and mark the largest number of new Chinese trademarks she has received in a single month since President Donald Trump took office.


It’s important to note that Ivanka’s brand does not end up shutting down. See Snopes source below.

From March through May of 2016, Ivanka applied for dozens of trademarks for hospitals, nursing homes, sausage casings, holograms, industrial radiation equipment, cameras, postmark checking devices, lottery machines, and items related to health, beauty, fashion, gardening, marketing, and pets.

The trademark approval raises eyebrows since it comes in the midst of Donald Trump’s trade war against China.

CREW, in its report, pointed out two coincidences when China approved past Ivanka Trump trademarks.

“In May 2018, Ivanka Trump’s business received approval for several new Chinese trademarks a week before President Trump announced that he wanted to lift the ban on the Chinese company ZTE, for violating US sanctions,” CREW said.

“In 2017, the business received three new Chinese trademarks on the same day she dined with Chinese President Xi Jinping,” CREW said.



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