Former staffer says Trump used Adderall and touched teen pageant contestants

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Noel Casler, a former entertainment staffer who worked with Donald Trump before and during The Apprentice, accuses him of abusing beauty pageant contestants and taking Adderall.

He also says Trump can’t read, which is a common claim from people who met or worked with Trump before 2015.

I worked on a bunch of those beauty pageants he had in the ’90s, too. That was a good idea, Miss Teen Universe? Yeah, that’s like giving Jeffrey Dahmer a cooking show. He would line up the girls on the side of the stage, and he would inspect them. Literally, he would stick his little freaking doll fingers in their mouth and look at their teeth. I’m not kidding, this is true, he would line them up like they were pieces of meat. He’d be like, “You, you, and you, if you want to win I’m in the penthouse suite, come and see me.”…

He’s a speed freak. He crushes up his adderall, and he sniffs it… He gets nervous and he crushes up these pills. that’s why he’s sniffing when you see him in debates and when you see him reading.

Prominent figures in Hollywood who have met Donald Trump and knew Casler before his accusations back him up.


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