Michael Flynn passes Russian document to Trump transition team

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Michael Flynn, soon to be Trump’s National Security Adviser, delivers a document to the Trump transition team, written to him personally by Robert Foresman on behalf of “a foreign nation.”

An earlier version of the document was drafted by an associate of a Russian oligarch.

Based on the description, the Committee identified the memorandum as- a document already in its possession, produced by Robert Foresman -who was not a member of the Campaign nor the Transition Team – and written to Flynn.

The Committee also knew from its investigation that Foresman had adapted a substantial part of the memorandum from another document shared by Allen Vine, who is an associate of the Putin-linked Russian oligarch Suleiman Keriniov.

This section of the Senate report includes a spelling error. The oligarch is Suleiman Kerimov, not Keriniov. His name is spelled correctly in other areas of the report.

Kerimov was not content with a Russian financial empire, and in 2006 he began looking abroad. He was helped by the former head of U.S. investment bank Merrill Lynch’s Russian office, Allen Vine, who was the de facto head of Kerimov’s foreign activities.

The Bell

According to a Senate committee that reviews the document, it mentions, among other things:

  1. internal personnel movements within the foreign government
  2. long-term strategic concerns involving the U.S.
  3. concern regarding post-1992 U.S. policies (1992 is the first full year after the U.S.S.R. splits and Russia is born)
  4. national security challenges the foreign government believes Trump will face
  5. a list of issues Trump will face in regards to the foreign nation
  6. the foreign government’s high regard for Trump
  7. possible ways Trump can assist the foreign nation

When the Senate investigative committee asks for documents related to the Trump transition, the White House refuses to turn over this and other documents relating to Russia.




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