Russian phishing attempts hit Clinton campaign email accounts

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Before the sun comes up, email accounts belonging to people who work with or have worked with the Hillary Clinton campaign are hit with 29 phishing attempts from Russian hackers.

More attacks are made on Clinton-associated email accounts on March 11th, 19th, 22nd, 23rd, 25th, and throughout coming months.

Most of the emails find their way to the inboxes of staffers from Clinton’s first presidential campaign, except one. The hackers gain access to campaign documents.

Over the next few months, the hackers try to compromise more of Clinton’s inner circle and over 130 Democratic party employees, supporters and contractors.

In 2017, the perpetrators are believed to be a group of hackers known as Fancy Bear who are working with the Russian government. Months later, the Mueller probe identifies the hackers as members of Russia’s military intelligence organization, GRU.


Photo: Adam Schultz for Hillary For America

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