Parler’s Interim CEO & CNP member invites Trump and Biden to join the propaganda app

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Parler is back, and its interim CEO wants Donald Trump and Joe Biden to create accounts on the Russia-backed propaganda social network.

“We would love to have the former president on our website,” Parler Interim CEO Mark Meckler said on FOX Business’ “Varney and Co.” “But to be honest with you, we’d love to have the current president. We’d love to see Joe Biden on the site as well.”

Fox Business

Mark Meckler, a member of the shadow group Council for National Policy (CNP), is acting as Parler CEO after John Matze was fired in January. Matze was let go after he advocated for adding a moderation team to the app, which — for reasons explained here — the Mercer family wouldn’t get behind.

Parler has been trying to bring Trump to the platform for almost a year. Talks ended last June when the White House shut them down. Discussions began again when Trump lost the election in November.

Last year, Trump wanted an ownership stake of the company in return for him using the social network. With Meckler’s connections to CNP, Parler might have a better chance at recruiting him in 2021.

From CNP List: Over 1,000 Past & Present Members of the Council for National Policy:

They have influenced GOP policies and messaging since the Reagan administration. They leave their prints on many of the wedge issues that politicians and influencers use to anger and distract Republican voters. Whether you’re hearing about the “war on Christmas,” climate change being a hoax, or Donald Trump secretly plotting to expose an elite pedophile ring, there are CNP members profiting or expecting to profit off the lies, outrage, or excitement. When prominent Christian voices say things like “Trump is the best thing since Jesus,” they don’t mean for Christians. They mean for the Council….

Before Donald Trump spoke at the last two Republican National Conventions, he read drafts of his speech to the Council for National Policy. When Trump told last year’s convention audience that China wanted Joe Biden to win the election, he did so with the Council’s blessing. Read more.

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