Giuliani & Firtash associate sentenced to prison for fraud scheme

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David Correia is sentenced to a year in prison for lying to the government and for using his company Fraud Guarantee for, you guessed it, fraud.

Correia established the business Fraud Guarantee with the Ukraine-born Lev Parnas, with whom he was first indicted in late 2019. The company is the same one Parnas used to hire Giuliani, then the personal attorney to President Donald Trump, in a relationship that has drawn scrutiny from federal prosecutors…

Judge Oetken, an Obama appointee, noted during the hearing Monday that Correia raked in a profit of $43,000 — just 2% of what was a $2.3 million investment fraud. Prosecutors say the bulk of the funds went to Parnas. 

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Most stories about Correia focus on Lev Parnas, but Correia did more for the Trump crime cult than just co-run Fraud Guarantee with Parnas.

Trump File has yet to document other events related to David Correia and Fraud Guarantee, but here’s a vague, incomplete timeline of David Coreia events from my notes:

2015/2016 – Parnas registers Fraud Guarantee Holdings in Delaware with David Correia 

Election Night – Parnas attends Trump’s personal election party and brings two unidentified men believed to be Correia and Igor Fruman

2018 – Correia, Parnas, and Fruman try to gain Ukrainian documents that prove Joe Biden is corrupt 

Summer 2018 – Correia uses Trump pre-election adviser Walid Phares to get a meeting with Khalifa Haftar’s son Okba Haftar

April 1, 2019 – John Solomon of The Hill starts Ukraine Biden conspiracy, a plot likely involving Correia

Summer 2019 – Correia spends a week with Dmitry Firtash and returns looking for a company or country willing to sell natural gas to Firtash

Fall 2019 – Correia visits UAE to “close a deal with Firtash”


Proof of Corruption by Seth Abramson

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