Trump & RNC funnel $6.9 million into Trump businesses from campaign donations

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An investigative report by two Forbes journalists reveals that Donald Trump is using his campaign, the Republican National Committee, and two fundraising committees to fill his own pockets.

Between the four groups, at least $6.9 million has been funneled into spending at Trump businesses.

While the Trump Organization was working to fill space inside Trump Tower, the president’s reelection campaign remained a reliable tenant, spending about $38,000 on rent per month. More than three years after Trump became president, those payments now total $1.5 million, an even bigger haul than the amount that went to Doral. On top of that, the RNC paid $225,000 to Trump Tower Commercial LLC, the entity through which the president holds his famous tower. The campaign spent at least another $187,000 renting space from other Trump entities in New York City.


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Photograph: Gage Skidmore

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