Donald Trump tells Sarah Huckabee Sanders to sleep with Kim Jong Un

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In a memoir released in 2020, longtime White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders recalls Donald Trump telling her to sleep with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. (He might have been joking… still not appropriate). The encounter happens June 12, 2018.

Sanders said in detailing the famous 2018 bilateral meeting between Trump and Kim that she was under the impression that the North Korean leader had ‘marked’ her.

‘We made direct eye contact and Kim nodded and appeared to wink at me. I was stunned. I quickly looked down and continued taking notes,’ Sanders described in her new book ‘Speaking for Myself,’ which hits shelves next Tuesday, but The Guardian was able to obtain early.

Following the meeting, Sanders detailed that she relayed the incident to Trump and his then- Chief of Staff John Kelly as they were on their way to the airport.

‘Kim Jong-un hit on you! He did! He f***ing hit on you!’ Trump said in response, according to his former loyalist press secretary, who did not spell out the expletive in the book.

‘Sir, please stop,’ Sanders, who left her White House post last summer on good terms, said she responded to the president’s suggestion.

She said Trump and Kelly both ‘howled with laughter’ as ‘The Beast’ drove on.

‘Well, Sarah, that settles it,’ Sanders recalls the president saying at the time. ‘You’re going to North Korea and taking one for the team! Your husband and kids will miss you, but you’ll be a hero to your country!’

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