Donald Trump meets with Slusovice chairman, monitored by Czech intelligence

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Sometime in September 1989, Donald Trump meets with František Čuba, the chairman of Czechoslovakia’s socialist collective farm, Slušovice, which recently began manufacturing computers.

Čuba is hoping to forge relationships between Slušovice and large capitalist companies in other countries. In his eyes, Trump is a celebrity capitalist and an important person to know. Those dreams are dashed, however, by the collapse of the Communist bloc just two months later.

The meeting at Trump Tower is also attended by Čuba’s deputy, Miroslav Kovařík, and the farm’s communist party boss, Pavel Čmolík. Unbeknownst to Trump, someone else knows about the meeting, too — StB, the Czech intelligence agency that has been monitoring him since 1977.

Trump, who had recently launched his Trump Shuttle, appears to have told his guests to buy a Sikorski helicopter, possibly from him and used by his airline for short hops. Čuba invited Trump to visit the farm, Slušovice. Trump reportedly agreed.

We know this because of a two-page write-up of the encounter based on details supplied by the agent known as Jarda. Jarda was one of four StB collaborators who spied on the Trumps during the cold war. Jarda’s real name was Jaroslav Jansa…

The Guardian

Jaroslav Jansa is Slušovice’s head of foreign cooperation and a new informant for the StB. It’s unclear if Jansa is in the Trump Tower meeting or receives the details from his colleagues afterwards. Two years later, Jansa stands just 100 meters from Trump when he and Ivana are in town for her father’s funeral.

Unlike the KGB, the StB shows no interest in compromising Donald Trump or making him complicit in their operations; they just see monitoring him as an opportunity to gather intelligence on other influential people, especially his newfound political connections.

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Photo: Rich Gigli, North Jersey Media Group

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