CNP members call for states to disregard Biden wins, elect Trump

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Members of the Council for National Policy publish a letter through one of their less secretive affiliate organizations calling for six states to appoint their own Electoral College electors.

The letter asks legislators to throw out over 25 million votes in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin — states won by President-Elect Joe Biden.

In a Dec. 10 letter posted to the website of the allied Conservative Action Project, CNP members, including CNP President William Walton, CNP Executive Director Bob McEwen, former South Carolina senator and former Heritage Foundation president Jim DeMint, former Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell, Leadership Institute President Morton Blackwell, and Tea Party Patriots Chair Jenny Beth Martin, advocated abolishing the nation’s popular democracy and openly lied about the clear results of the election, which members of the federal Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency called “the most secure in American history.”

“There is no doubt President Donald J. Trump is the lawful winner of the presidential election,” falsely states the letter. “Joe Biden is not president-elect.”

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The document was prepared by GOP attorney Cleta Mitchell. Mitchell is a leading figure in a secret American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) group that has spent the past 16 months strategizing how to guarantee a win for Donald Trump.


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