Russia and the CSSR wiretap calls between Ivana Trump & her father

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Sometime in 1979 or possibly earlier, an order is made within the CSSR / Czech secret service (StB) to wire-tap Ivana Trump’s phone calls with her father. Their mail is also monitored.

Czech historian Tomas Vilimek told BILD: “An encrypted document from 1979 states that the phone calls between Ivana and her father were to be wiretapped at least once per year. Their mail exchange was monitored.” The Communist secret police even observed the Trump children’s visits to their grandfather. The informers noted that Ivana Trump spoke Czech with her children when they were in the US and noted who the friends and acquaintances of her family in the CSSR were.

Vilimek: “Ivana’s father was registered as a confidant of the StB. However, that does not mean he was an agent. The CSSR authorities forced him to talk to them because of his journeys to the US and his daughter. Otherwise, he would not have been allowed to fly.”

The StB shares information the Soviet’s KGB, and it’s around this time that Trump is identified by a KGB spotter agent.

Background: Documents obtained through an information request and released by Germany newspaper BILD following the 2016 election reveal previously unknown kompromat (compromising material) on Donald Trump. The source: Ivana’s former home, the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic (CSSR), now known as the Czech Republic.

The BILD investigation is also how the public finds out about Donald Trump’s 30-year tax exemption.

The Czech Ministry of State Security monitored the Trumps in the 1970s and ’80s.

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