Trump to Miller, Patel: You’re going to need 10,000 troops at the Capitol

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In a meeting with recently promoted Defense Dept. leaders Christopher Miller and Kashyap Patel, Donald Trump says 10,000 National Guard members will need to be in D.C. for his Save America / Stop The Steal “wild protest” on January 6.

They were meeting with President Trump on “an Iran issue,” Miller told me. But then the conversation switched gears. The president, Miller recalled, asked how many troops the Pentagon planned to turn out the following day. “We’re like, ‘We’re going to provide any National Guard support that the District requests,’” Miller responded. “And [Trump] goes, ‘You’re going to need 10,000 people.’ No, I’m not talking bullshit. He said that. And we’re like, ‘Maybe. But you know, someone’s going to have to ask for it.’”

Vanity Fair

It comes out later that D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser did ask for National Guard support ahead of the insurrection, and Trump ordered Miller to approve it; Trump thought troops would help his supporters storm the Capitol. Instead, Miller blocked the National Guard and ordered that any troops on the ground in D.C. go without weapons, body armor, or other protection.

The Vanity Fair interview is a fluff piece, giving Miller a chance to rewrite history to look like he was on the right side of J6. The author, Adam Ciralsky, is a former CIA agent who was placed on unpaid leave in the ’90s when intel suggested he may be sharing secrets with Israel.


Vanity Fair

Adam Ciralsky

Photo: New Jersey National Guard

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