Alex Jones to D.C. crowd: ‘Not everybody’s gonna make it, but that’s okay’

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In a speech to the Stop The Steal crowd at Freedom Plaza, Alex Jones insinuates that a war has hit the United States, and this audience has to fight.

We have only begun to resist the globalists. We have only begun our fight against their tyranny. They have tried to steal this election in front of everyone… I don’t know how this is gonna end, but if they want a fight, they better believe they’ve got one… Not everybody is gonna make it, but that’s okay because in the end, God will fulfill His destiny and will reward the righteous…

Alex Jones (Source link 1)

Jones used similar language at another appearance, pictured above, earlier in the day:

Regardless of how bad it gets, submitting only makes it worse. That’s why I want you to commit to total resistance! Total resistance to the globalists. Never give in. Never back down. Never even think about surrender… It is a fight between good and evil.

Alex Jones (Source link 2)

Between moments of calling for a fight, Jones tells the audience that big tech companies like Apple are working with “communist China” and Democrats to enslave human beings and hurt children. The audience appears to believe this.

Jones is scheduled to lead the march to the Capitol the next day, with help from the White House.

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