Flynn, Giuliani, Trump family, and others meet to discuss ‘battle for justice’

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Trump family members, advisers, and administration officials meet at Trump International Hotel in the evening to discuss what one attendee calls “a battle for justice and truth.” Another attendee describes the “intimate” meeting as a debriefing on “what to expect for tomorrow” and the current path for keeping Trump in power.

In attendance at Trump’s private residence in the hotel are Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump, Kimberly Guilfoyle, Michael Flynn, Rudy Giuliani, Mike Lindell, Peter Navarro, Corey Lewandowski, David Bossie, Adam Piper, Sen. Tommy Tuberville, Charles Herbster, and Daniel Beck. Stop The Steal organizer Ali Alexander attends via telephone thanks to Guilfoyle.

Others may have been at the meeting. It’s also possible others joined by telephone, a common practice for Donald Trump himself.

Daniel Beck is the CEO of mass communications company Txtwire. His father, Doyle Beck, is a powerful Idaho Republican and a Trump elector at the 2020 Republican National Convention. His uncle, Rod Beck, was a chairman of the 2016 Trump campaign in Idaho and a Trump delegate to the 2016 convention.

During Trump’s speech on January 6, Beck is seated in the VIP section. When Trump’s supporters are in the Capitol a couple hours later, Beck posts that the people inside are Antifa in disguise. He says so before anyone in Congress or on television do later in the day. But half an hour later, he posts again to cheer on the Capitol terrorists. “Do not give up… Trump will retain the presidency!!!”

Beck, like everyone else at this meeting, does not go to the Capitol after Trump’s speech. Instead, he goes back to the Trump International Hotel.

It is difficult to understand one of the most enthusiastic Trump supporters in the U.S. refusing a presidential request to march with him to the Capitol on the biggest day of the president’s political career—and a day Beck himself had promised his social media followers would be a “big day”—unless Beck had advance warning, via his attendance at the Trump war council under 20 hours earlier, that Trump would not be marching to the Capitol as he told the crowd.

Seth Abramson

Flynn is a known Russian operative who was ousted from his role in the Trump administration in 2017. He has been an active conductor of Trump’s post-election crazy train, even suggesting that the president declare martial law. He is also a prominent figure in QAnon and the Jericho March events (similar to Stop The Steal events, but with a more extremist crowd).

Another person in attendance, Mike Lindell of MyPillow fame, has also called for Trump to enact martial law.

Ali Alexander is a far-right activist who founded Stop The Steal. He was coordinating post-election events since at least September 2020 with Alex Jones, Roger Stone, and members of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, X Strategies, Turning Point USA, the Council for National Policy, the Arizona GOP, and probably others. At the time of this writing, he’s on the run from the FBI.

Navarro recently released a 36-page report on voter fraud that includes no evidence of voter fraud.

Lewandowski was one of Trump’s campaign managers in 2016 who communicated between the campaign and Russian actors. Another Russian operative, Paul Manafort, was hired to plan the events for January 6. Lewandowski is a member of the Defense Policy Board at the time of the meeting.

Bossie worked for both the 2016 campaign and the re-election campaign.

Piper is the executive director of the Republican Attorneys General Association, which was directly involved in promoting January 6 to Trump supporters through robocalls.

Tuberville is Trump’s first phone call during the Capitol attack on January 6 and a major part in his (and Giuliani’s) efforts to stall the electoral college certification.

Herbster is the Trump administration’s national chairman of the Agriculture and Rural Advisory Committee. He’s considering running for governor of Nebraska. His own Facebook post is how we first found out about this otherwise secret meeting.

According to reporting from the Omaha World Herald, the purpose of the meeting was strategizing a way to convince more members of Congress to object to certifying the election results and keep Donald Trump in power.

Not only does this meeting appear to confirm that Trump’s team helped orchestrate the events of January 6, but that it participated in the calibration of those events to exert maximum “pressure” on members of Congress in the midst of them executing a grave constitutional duty. Moreover, it participated in that calibration in the presence of a member of the United States Senate, who was therefore—we can now conclude, from the reporting of the Omaha World Herald—working in private with the president’s team to advise Trump on how to generate that maximum “pressure.”

Seth Abramson

Note: This is the first time the public is made aware that the then-President of the United States has a separate, unofficial private residence in DC. All news stories of lawmakers visiting the Trump International Hotel should be re-examined with this in mind.

Note to Law Enforcement: If you are reading this as part of an investigation into the events of the Capitol attack, please use the links to Seth Abramson’s original work below for more details than I’ve provided here.

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