Giuliani leaves voicemail asking GOP to further delay Biden certification

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Around 7 p.m., before Congress has reconvened after the Capitol attack, Rudy Giuliani leaves a voicemail for Sen. Tommy Tuberville… on Sen. Mike Lee’s phone. He wants Tuberville to help delay the electoral vote certification for at least another 24 hours. Giuliani also calls another senator whose identity has not been revealed.

Donald Trump also called Lee’s phone looking for Tuberville just minutes before his terrorist supporters made their way inside the Capitol building.

The Voicemail:

Senator Tuberville, or I should say Coach Tuberville, this is Rudy Giuliani, president’s lawyer. I’m calling you because I want to discuss with you how they’re trying to rush this hearing and how we need you, our Republican friends, to try to just slow it down so we can get these legislators to get more information to you.

I know they’re reconvening at 8:00 tonight. But the only strategy we can follow is to object to numerous states and raise issues so that we get ourselves into tomorrow, ideally until the end of tomorrow. I know McConnell is doing everything he can to rush it, which is kind of a kick in the head because it’s one thing to oppose us. It’s another thing not to give us a fair opportunity to contest it. He wants to try to get it down to three, only three states we can contest. There are ten states that we contest, not three.

If you could object to every state and along with the congressmen get a hearing for every state, I know we would delay you a lot, but it would give us the opportunity to get the legislators who are very, very close to pulling their vote. Especially after what McConnell did today. It angered them because they’ve written letters asking that you guys adjourn and send them back the questionable ones, and they’ll fix them up. So this phone number I’m available on all night, and it would be an honor to talk to you.


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