Trump crashes a wedding to talk politics and election fraud

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Donald Trump makes a surprise appearance at a wedding reception hosted at Mar-a-Lago and gives an impromptu speech about the country, election fraud, and himself.

You know, I just got, I turned off the news, I get all these flash reports, and they’re telling me about the border, they’re telling me about China, they’re telling me about Iran—how’re we doing with Iran, how’d ya like that? Boy, they were ready to make a deal, they woulda done anything, they woulda done anything, and this guy goes and drops the sanctions and then he says, “We’d love to negotiate now,” [and Iran says], “We’re not dealing with the United States at all.” Oh, well, they don’t want to deal with us.

And China, the same thing, they never treated us that well, right? You saw what happened a few days ago, was terrible, and uh, the border is not good, the border is the worst anybody’s ever seen it, and what you see now, multiply it times 10, Jim—he’s the only one I know who might handle the border tougher than me. We have to, and the tough is in the most humanitarian way, because that’s what it is. What’s happening to the kids, they are living in squalor, they are living like nobody has ever seen anybody, there’s never been anything like what’s, and you’re gonna have hundreds, and you have it now, they have the airplane photos, the shocks, and they call ’em shocks, and these things are showing thousands and thousands of people coming up from South America, and it’s gonna be, it’s just uh, look, it’s a disaster. It’s a humanitarian disaster from their standpoint, and it’s gonna destroy the country, and frankly, the country can’t afford it because you’re talking about massive, just incredibly massive amounts. Our school systems, our hospital systems, everything.

So, it’s a rough thing, and I just say, “Do you miss me yet?” We did get 75 million votes, nobody’s ever gotten that. They said, “Get 66 million votes, sir, and the election’s over.” We got 75 million and they said–but you know, you saw what happened, 10:30 in the evening, all of a sudden I said, “That’s a strange thing, why are they closing up certain places, right?” Now, a lot of things happening right now, I just wanted to say, it’s an honor to be here, it’s an honor to have you at Mar-a-Lago, you are a great and beautiful couple.

Donald Trump (TMZ Video)

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