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Donald Trump calls in to Newsmax, One America News, and Fox News — twice — to talk about Rush Limbaugh and himself. Limbaugh passed away earlier in the day.

Trump tells Fox that Limbaugh knew that he was receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom in advance of the 2020 State of the Union. Limbaugh pretended to be surprised and moved to tears during the event.

On Newsmax with accused rapist Greg Kelly, Trump repeats the “big lie,” saying he did win the election. Trump says “a lot of people” are suggesting that he replace Limbaugh on right-wing radio. He also praises Kelly’s parents — former New York City Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly and his wife Veronica — who Trump says he knows well. Veronica Kelly used to hold Christmas parties at Trump Tower.

Kelly asks Trump about President Joe Biden’s claims that there was no vaccine distribution plan when he entered office. Trump takes the question, manipulates it into “Joe Biden said there was no vaccine,” and calls Biden a liar.

He was either not telling the truth, or he’s mentally gone. One or the other. Actually Joe Biden’s being killed on that whole thing… Could he be joking? Frankly, that was a very dumb statement.

Donald J. Trump, Newsmax

Kelly also leads Trump into talking about the conspiracy that Joe Biden is working with or for China, which Trump, of course, says is true.

Trump adds that he’s considering building his own social network, which is probably his way of scaring Parler into giving him the 51% ownership that he wants in exchange for using the Mercer-Russia platform.

On One America News, Trump says Republicans “kept the Senate” after the election. That’s not true, but the OAN reporter doesn’t correct him.

We could not find any video from OAN.

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First Fox News call (YouTube)

Second Fox call, Sean Hannity (YouTube)

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Greg Kelly accusation

Tweet about OAN appearance

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