Donald Trump Jr. wants followers to storm big tech companies next

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Donald Trump Jr. shares a Laura Ingraham tweet to his 6.5 million followers, calling on them to show up at shareholder meetings for “Big Business.”

“Republican should start showing up at the shareholders’ meetings of Big Business and ask questions about why particular companies are discriminating against Republican customers,” Ingraham tweeted.

Don Jr. responds “This times 1000!!! RT and follow through.”

If this sounds normal, keep in mind how Donald Trump incited his thousands of followers to storm the Capitol in DC. He didn’t say “storm the Capitol.” He told them to go to the Capitol and ask Republicans why they aren’t going to object to the electoral college certification. He told them to go somewhere they had no legal right to be and to do something harmless: ask a question. Just like Laura Ingraham told them.

Trump Sr. also used his speech to make it clear that RINOs (“Republicans in name only”) and Democrats are a threat to the country and to freedom, that electing Joe Biden is dangerous. Trump Jr. does the same thing, but about the businesses he wants his followers to harass. In these tweets, he makes it clear which companies Trump supporters should go after.

Those are just some, not all, of the messages of incitement that Donald Trump Jr. has sent out to his followers on Twitter.

Here’s how Trump supporters have responded to this kind of messaging:


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