Trump DOJ caught hiding information that would reunite families

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Lawyers tasked with helping find the parents of more than 600 children detained by the Trump administration report that the Justice Department has turned over contact information for families. The DOJ withheld the information for months before giving in.

At least 628 kids who were locked in detention centers after their parents brought them over the U.S.-Mexico border remained in lockup for months while the Trump administration claimed not to know where their parents were or how to make contact.

U.S. District Judge Dana Sabraw ordered last year that a steering committee of legal groups and nonprofits find missing families after the Trump administration separated parents and children crossing the border illegally in 2017 and 2018 but failed to keep track of the families it had separated.

NBC News

The data from the DOJ proves that was a lie; they had contact information that could reunite many of these families. They just didn’t want to.


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