The Trump Taj Mahal has broken money laundering laws 100+ times

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The Trump Taj Mahal opened in April 1990. In its first year and a half, the casino violates anti-money laundering laws at least 106 times.

When a player cashes out more than $10,000 in a single day, the casino has to report the winnings to the IRS, with the gambler’s name, address, and other details. The Taj Mahal, however, ignored this rule.

Anti-money laundering experts say occasionally forgetting to (or choosing not to) file these reports is a common problem for casinos, but this happening dozens of times in a casino’s opening year is “a serious problem.”

The violations date back to a time when the Taj Mahal was the preferred gambling spot for Russian mobsters living in Brooklyn, according to federal investigators who tracked organized crime in New York City. They also occurred at a time when the Taj Mahal casino was short on cash and on the verge of bankruptcy.


The company does not admit to intentionally breaking the law despite admitting to similar violations years later.

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