Trump Robocall: New Yorkers must protect Israel

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New Yorkers receive a pre-recorded phone call from Donald Trump telling them to vote for Republican Bob Turner in next week’s special election, to protect Israel. The winner will replace Rep. Anthony Weiner.

Donald J. Trump recorded an automated phone call on Mr. Turner’s behalf, imploring people to “protect Israel” by voting for him. “Electing Bob Turner on Tuesday will be a shot heard ’round the country,” Mr. Trump said in the message, which was released Thursday.

The New York Times

Rudy Giuliani and Mayor Ed Koch also recorded calls for Turner, whose campaign is focused on opposing same-sex marriage and smearing his Democratic opponent, David Weprin, as anti-Israel for supporting President Barack Obama.

The next day, New York City Public Advocate Bill de Blasio joins Weprin for a press conference outside Trump Tower.

“We’re standing here in front of the Trump Tower because Donald Trump epitomizes so much of what is wrong with our current approach to economics, and our current approach to taxation,” said de Blasio. “Donald Trump, of course a guy we have gotten to know more recently as someone who gleefully fires people, which is a pretty ironic message … is also one of the people who has benefitted time and again from the tax loopholes that typify our system.”


Here’s the full transcript of Trump’s call:

“This is Donald Trump, and I’m not calling to fire you, as we say on The Apprentice. I’m calling to fire you up — because there’s an important election in Queens and Brooklyn on Tuesday, and we need to elect businessman Bob Turner to Congress.

“If you don’t like what’s going on in Washington, if you don’t like what’s happening with Israel — because Israel is being treated very badly and very unfairly by the Obama administration — vote for Bob Turner.

“Trust me, they’ll notice. Electing Bob Turner on Tuesday will be a shot heard round the country. Everybody’s talking about this election, and everybody’s looking to see what’s going to happen. President Obama and Congress will know you’ve had a lot to do with it. It’s enough with the game-playing, it’s enough with all of the nonsense.

“Protect Israel. Join me, Donald Trump, in supporting Bob Turner for Congress on Tuesday, September 13. Thank you, and good luck.”

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