Roy Cohn is caught falsifying evidence against Army official in court

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On April 27, Roy Cohn is cornered during the day’s Army-McCarthy hearing when the Army presents evidence that proves he doctored a photo.

The day before, Cohn submitted a photo into evidence of David Schine standing alone with Secretary Stevens. When Stevens couldn’t recall ever being alone with Schine, Cohn claimed this was proof that Stevens was lying about his history with Schine.

The new photo submitted by the Army clearly shows that at least two other people were with Stevens and Schine when the photo was taken (three other people if you include the person who took the photo).

Cohn admits that he cropped the photo and that the rest of the committee did not know. The judge gives Cohn a perjury warning.

The hearings that McCarthy claimed were about dangerous corruption within the Army rage on, but the topic is almost never communism; it’s always David Schine, until Cohn is pressured to take the witness stand.


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