Roy Cohn launches attack on the U.S. Army for not giving Schine special treatment

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For six months beginning in July 1953, Roy Cohn and Joseph McCarthy try convincing the U.S. Army to give special privileges to David Schine, specifically to let him serve his Army draft at home in New York. In October, Army Counselor John G. Adams tells Cohn that it’s not going to happen.

It was on these occasions that Mr. Adams first stated that the national interest required that no preferential treatment be given to Mr. Schine…

Mr. Cohn replied that if national interest was what the Amy wanted he’d give it a little and then proceeded to outline how he would expose the Army in its worst light and show the country how shabbily it is being run.

On November 3, Schine is drafted into the Army and given 15 days of temporary duty in New York, the most that the Army could offer. McCarthy, completely over Schine by this point, asked for the temporary duty to be cancelled.

David Schine is sent to basic training in New Jersey but given a pass to leave the military base any days that training is not required. In December, Adams informs McCarthy that Schine will no longer receive passes, and McCarthy writes a letter to the Secretary of the Army requesting that Schine be treated like any other soldier. This doesn’t last long, however, because Cohn continues hurling threats at Adams and manipulating McCarthy to support him.

Mr. Adams returned to the Pentagon and in the middle of the afternoon received a telephone call from Mr. Cohn. Mr. Cohn stated to Mr. Adams that he would teach Mr. Adams what it meant to go over his head.

In January 1954, Schine completes basic training and is assigned to a criminal investigations military school in Georgia. He’ll be gone for five months and then likely sent overseas.

When Cohn finds this out on January 14, he tells Adams that he will “wreck the Army” and have Secretary Stevens removed from his position.

On January 19, the Army is informed that McCarthy’s investigate committee intends to interrogate the members of the Army’s Loyalty-Security Appeals Board, including John G. Adams, about “various widespread allegations he had received concerning fraud and corruption and personal misconduct.”

Interrogations continue for a month before Adams is told he has two choices: the committee can let the Army off the hook if they do what McCarthy wants, or the committee can create more problems.

On March 12, the Army releases all of the above information and details of every known exchange that happened in regards to David Schine between July 1953 and February 1954. Roy Cohn is blasted by the media.

The Army-McCarthy trials begin in April, televised.


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