Roy Cohn takes taxpayer-funded European getaway with his crush David Schine

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In April, Roy Cohn takes his romantic interest David Schine on a two-week trip around Europe to investigate the possibility that Communists are operating in U.S. properties abroad.

David Schine is also on McCarthy’s Senate investigative subcommittee, but only because Cohn talked his way into getting Schine a position.

In the 18 days that Cohn and Schine are in Europe, they claim to interview possibly thousands of people, claims for which the U.K. media laugh at them in the newspapers and on radio.

When asked by reporters how David Schine, who is only 25, is qualified to serve on the committee or be included in the overseas trip, Cohn responded that Schine once wrote a pamphlet describing communism.

Most people who spent enough time around Roy Cohn throughout his life knew that he was gay, but he never once admitted it.


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