Fred Trump admits to being in business with mafia member

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In an interview during a Federal Housing Administration / Senate investigation, Fred Trump admits that mafia member Willie Tomasello is a business partner and owns 25% of Beach Haven apartments.

Donald’s father had a business partner. This business partner was a guy who was an associate of the Gambino and Genovese families named Willie Tomasello, and there’s plenty of law enforcement reports about Willie Tomasello.

David Cay Johnston, Interview on The Majority Report

Willie’s father, James Tomasello, was a contracted bricklayer for some of Fred Trump’s early projects. Willie himself provided funding for Trump projects, but it’s likely the funds were provided to him by the Italian mafia.

Roy Cohn, Fred and Donald Trump’s future attorney, will also become the attorney for the Gambino and Genovese families.


Photo: Jack Smith/NY Daily News Archive, via Getty Images

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