Flynn, Powell, Lindell, and Newman launch ‘Defending The Republic’

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A new non-profit called Defending The Republic Inc. is registered with direct ties to Trump loyalists Joe Flynn, Sidney Powell, Mike Lindell, and Emily Newman. A super PAC by the same name was registered not long before the non-profit.

Between the non-profit and the super PAC, Defending The Republic can accept unlimited funds from and guarantee secrecy to dark money donors. That money can then be used to “fuel any political or social agenda they choose.”

The group’s founding members are Trump administration official Emily Newman and Joe Flynn, the brother of Michael Flynn and a vocal supporter of QAnon.

MyPillow CEO and martial law enthusiast Mike Lindell is listed as a board member but resigns weeks later.

The West Palm address used by both Defending The Republic entities is just a 20 minute drive from Mar-a-Lago. The address is also used by Sidney Powell’s Restore The Republic super PAC. In January, she said her super PAC also involved Flynn and Lindell.

The name Defending The Republic was originally used by Powell, too.

For months she has solicited donations to her legal fund on a website called, confusingly enough,—the same name that Lindell and friends later used for their nonprofit and super PAC. Indeed, Powell created her own, separate Defending the Republic Inc nonprofit with the state of Texas on Dec. 1, The Daily Beast previously reported. That group features fellow election conspiracy theorist Lin Wood and former Trump campaign lawyer Jesse Binnall, who later helped Powell create her Restore the Republic super PAC.

The Daily Beast

Another person involved in Defending The Republic PAC, Peter Haller, was a volunteer attorney for the Trump campaign’s legal efforts to overturn the 2020 election. He changed his name from Simonyi to Haller in 2011 after leaving Goldman Sachs.

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