Trump’s OMB sets out to remove protections for 88% of employees

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Acting on an executive order Donald Trump signed in October, the Office of Management and Budget determines that 88% of their employees meet the criteria for reclassification to Schedule F workers.

That reclassification strips employees of job protection, weakens government agencies, and makes it easier for Trump or any president to order mass firings of federal employees.

More than creating a new bureaucratic classification, the move gives the president greater freedom to go after the so-called “deep state” career civil servants that he said hamstrung his term in office. He ordered government agencies in October to review their employees and report back with lists of “Schedule F” employees no later than Jan. 19, the eve of Inauguration Day.

The Office of Management and Budget has completed its task, RealClearPolitics has learned. According to an internal memo, OMB Director Russ Vought has classified 88% of that agency’s workforce, 425 employees, as Schedule F.

RealClear Politics

The decision is made in a memo sent on or shortly before November 21. Other agencies have until January 19, 2021, to reclassify their staff.

Trump’s executive order specifically targets employees whose jobs are related to drafting or promoting policy.


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