The FBI receives a laptop with Russia / Ukraine’s Hunter Biden files

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On or before December 9, the FBI obtains a laptop and hard drive that contain the same files on Hunter Biden that Giuliani learned of in May. The material was available for purchase in Ukraine for $5 million as recently as September.

The story is that the hard drive and laptop were left at a repair shop in Delaware in April. According to the shop owner, the items were never picked up, and he made a copy for Robert Costello before giving the material to the FBI.

Robert Costello is an associate of and former lawyer for Rudy Giuliani.

Hunter Biden’s stolen emails, photos, and videos are leaked by Rupert Murdoch’s New York Post in October 2020.

For time’s sake, we will not be going deep into the contents of the material. This is Trump File, not Biden File.


Photo: CSIS

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