Giuliani is told that Russia & Ukraine have Hunter Biden files

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Rudy Giuliani learns that a Ukrainian oligarch and Russian officials have obtained kompromat (compromising material) on Hunter Biden.

The intel comes from Vitaly Pruss, an associate who has worked with Giuliani as a sort of “middle man” in matters related to the former Soviet Union.

Another associate, Lev Parnas, is in the room with Giuliani when he finds out about the materials.

Parnas, speaking in an interview with Forensic News, said that Pruss informed the room in downtown Manhattan that the Ukrainian oligarch for which Hunter Biden worked, Mykola Zlochevsky, and Russian authorities had “pictures of Hunter with drug paraphernalia and prostitutes, text messages, and emails.” Pruss, according to Parnas, previously arranged for Hunter Biden to travel to meet a Minister in Kazakhstan where some of the compromising material was gathered.

Forensic News

Three weeks later, Giuliani meets with Ara Abramyan, a former government official of the Soviet Union who openly admits he works on behalf of Vladimir Putin. Abramyan is on the advisory board of TriGlobal Strategic Ventures, a “consulting firm” founded by Vitaly Pruss. This will be the third meeting between Giuliani and Abramyan in just seven months.

Pruss and TriGlobal have facilitated numerous meetings and partnerships between Giuliani and Eastern European politicians and businessmen over the course of more than a decade. In an interview with NBC, Pruss said his relationship with Giuliani goes back to 2003.

Forensic News

The illegally obtained material is released for a hit piece against the Biden family in October 2020, which has not yet been added to Trump File at the time of this writing. Giuliani claims that Hunter Biden’s data was obtained by a computer repairman.


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