Ted Cruz: Donald Trump will threaten anyone who doesn’t support him

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In an interview on The Blaze, Ted Cruz warns that Donald Trump is dangerous and needs to make some changes, including denouncing Paul Manafort and Roger Stone.

Donald seems to think he’s Michael Corleone. If any voter, if any delegate, doesn’t support Donald Trump then he’s just gonna bully them and threaten them. I don’t know if the next thing we’re going to see is voters or delegates waking up with horses’ heads in their bed. But that doesn’t belong in the electoral process, and I think Donald needs to denounce this incitement of violence. He needs to stop asking his supporters at rallies to punch protesters in the face, and he needs to fire the people responsible. He needs to denounce Manafort and Roger Stone and his campaign team that is encouraging violence. And he needs to stop doing it himself.

Ted Cruz

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