Roger Stone / Stop The Steal asks Republicans to promise loyalty to Trump

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Roger Stone publishes a post on Breitbart announcing that he and his organization Stop The Steal are asking delegates to the Republican National Convention to “respect the will of the voters” and sign a loyalty pledge to Donald Trump.

The Stop The Steal website threatens that Republican voters will opt to not vote if the GOP candidate is anyone but Trump.

“We at Stop the Steal, the grassroots uprising, and March on Cleveland will ask every Trump delegate to the Republican convention to sign a pledge that ‘they will remain committed to vote for the winner of the primary or caucus as chosen by the voters (Donald J. Trump)’ through the entire balloting process,'” Stone wrote on Breitbart Tuesday evening. “In other words, respect the will of the voters.”

On Stone’s “Stop the Steal” website soliciting $262,000 in the next two weeks, visitors are encouraged to “send the GOP a clear signal thru our sheer numbers that we will not vote Republican nor work for the ticket if Donald Trump is robbed,” vowing “four days of non-violent demonstrations, protests and lobbying delegates face to face” in Cleveland from July 18-21.

“This will be a voluntary pledge. The voters will know whom they can trust — and who will play along with the insiders’ attempt to steal the nomination from Donald Trump,” Stone wrote. “The media will know too. Then these ‘Trojan Horses’ can explain why our votes don’t matter.”


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