Alex Jones & InfoWars launch ‘Stop The Steal Caravan’ from Texas to DC

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Alex Jones’ InfoWars begins a Stop The Steal Caravan event that begins in Texas and ends in Washington, DC. The “caravan” will finish its trip the day before the Million MAGA March.

Infowars personalities urge viewers to follow a Parler account with the handle @stopthestealcaravan. Host Owen Shroyer will go on to travel in a custom armored vehicle from Texas to D.C., making stops in several cities along the way. The outlet continues to promote the protest with additional videos and posts.

Just Security

The caravan concept is similar to Amy Kremer / Women for America First’s various Trump-themed bus tours.

This post will be updated with more information if the STS Caravan appears again in our research.

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Photo: InfoWars

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