Steve Bannon caught using Facebook to push election lies to 2.45 million followers

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Facebook announces that the company has removed seven pages with over 2.45 million followers that were operated by Trump strategist, criminal, and notorious disinformation agent Steve Bannon.

The pages were being used to spread misinformation about voter fraud, “illegal votes,” and the election results.

“We’ve removed several clusters of activity for using inauthentic behavior tactics to artificially boost how many people saw their content,” said Facebook spokesman Andy Stone. “That includes a Group that was originally named ‘Stop the Steal’ which later became ‘Gay Communists for Socialism’ and misled people about its purpose using deceptive tactics.”

The Washington Post

Bannon’s personal Facebook page remains available on the network, but his ability to post has been disabled for now.


Photo: Nordiske Mediedager

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