Donald Trump marries Ivana in bizarre deal, required to have three children

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Donald Trump marries Ivana and signs a contract, or prenup, that requires the couple to produce three children. The contract also guarantees Ivana $1 million if they divorce.

Documents obtained through an information request and released by Germany newspaper BILD following the 2016 election reveal previously unknown kompromat (compromising material) on Donald Trump. The source: Ivana’s former home, the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic (CSSR), now known as the Czech Republic.

The Czech Ministry of State Security was monitoring the Trumps in the 1970s and ’80s. It’s later revealed that the operation was a collaborative effort with Russia / the Soviet Union.

In that same report, the agent says Trump’s company (Trump Organization) is financially protected by a personal relationship with the president and “the fact that he is completely tax-exempt for the next 30 years.”


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