Donald Trump flies on Epstein’s private jet with accused pedophile

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Donald Trump, Jeffrey Epstein, and alleged Epstein client Glenn Dubin fly from Palm Beach to New Jersey in Epstein’s private jet.

The flight logs for the day are revealed in August 2019 when almost 2,000 court documents from a defamation lawsuit are unsealed.

Also on the flight are Ghislaine Maxwell, Eva Dubin, and Jeffrey’s brother Mark Epstein.

A handwritten entry in the flight logs shows a trip that Trump and the Dubins took from the Palm Beach International Airport to the Newark Liberty International Airport…

The other named passengers, besides Trump and the Dubins, are Jeffrey Epstein (“JE”), Ghislaine Maxwell (“GM”), Mark Epstein, and someone identified as “Didler” or “Didier.” The date of flight is listed as January 5, 1997. The log lists the model of the plane as a Gulfstream II, under the tail number N908JE.


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