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Executive Intelligence Review (EIR), a weekly political and intelligence magazine that costs $400 for an annual subscription, reports that Russia is considering a Donald Trump presidency. If he doesn’t run, they hope Joe Biden wins.

Trump met with Kremlin officials in Moscow on the Fourth of July. Just a week after this report, he begins talking about partnering with Russia to “dominate” our enemies.

According to EIR, Biden is a strong choice for Russia because he believes the US should comply with a treaty that prevents us from developing a strategic defense system that matches that of the Soviet Union. He is also a critic of some Reagan policies that are detrimental to the Kremlin.

Another page in the publication warns that Russia’s greatest weapon against the United States is our free enterprise system, that our private businesses can operate with minimal government regulation. This is what allows Russia and other bad actors to funnel money to the US for organized crime and, later, influence operations.

The following paragraphs are copied from EIR. Trump File styled some lines in bold for emphasis.

Executive Intelligence Review

Soviet leaders are “intensely interested” in the progress of the 1988 United States presidential campaign and are pumping all relevant American visitors to Moscow to find out as much as they can about the line-up….

The Soviets are reportedly looking a lot more kindly on a possible presidential bid by Donald Trump, the New York builder who has amassed a fortune through real-estate speculation and owns a controlling interest in the notorious, organized-crime linked Resorts International.

Trump took an all-expenses-paid jaunt to the Soviet Union in July to discuss building the Russians some luxury hotels. The Soviets “treated me beautifully,” he told reporters. “The government would like me to build a major hotel in Moscow in quality and in style like Trump Tower” — the garish structure which Trump built on Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue.

Shortly after Trump’s return to the United States, Mike Dunbar, a well-known Republican Party organizer in New Hampshire, unveiled plans to enter Trump in the 1988 New Hampshire Republican primary. Although Trump said he had no prior knowledge of Dunbar’s effort, he refused to categorically deny that he might be interested in running for President…..

On the Democratic side, the Russian leadership estimates that Joe Biden, the senator from Delaware, has “a good chance” at his party’s nomination. From Moscow’s standpoint, Biden would make a dream U.S. President. Historically a fan of the arms-control mafia, Biden this year chose to adopt a high-profile role within the congressional bloc fighting the Reagan administration on key strategic issues….

Biden has introduced legislation which would require the United States to comply with the Soviet-backed “narrow” interpretation of the ABM Treaty, with the obvious intent of preventing the development and deployment of a strategic defense system that could match Soviet efforts.

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