Michael Caputo’s HHS adviser: ‘We want them infected’ with COVID-19

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Health and Human Services science adviser Paul Alexander emails Michael Caputo and other HHS officials that it’s time to infect most of the US population.

In the email, Alexander says all infants, kids, teens, and adults with little risk should be exposed to the virus. Quote: “We want them infected.” Everyone else? “Lock [them] down.”

The conversation is based on the idea of herd immunity, but there’s two factors to keep in mind. First, exposing every “low risk” American makes it much more difficult for everyone else to avoid the virus. Second, we don’t know the true risk level to young Americans because Caputo and Alexander have made the CDC change that specific data in their reports.

Similar emails continue to be exchanged through the rest of the month and later include officials at the Food and Drug Administration.

When Trump appointed Michael Caputo to the Dept. of Health and Human Services, the Roger Stone protégé and Putin agent handpicked Paul Alexander as his science adviser.

They’ve been at this since May, just a few months after Caputo finished a documentary to push Russian propaganda for the purpose of interfering in the election and US foreign policy.

Before Caputo brought him to HHS, Alexander was an unpaid, part-time health professor at Canada’s McMaster University. He is not a physician.

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