Jennifer Weisselberg: Trump paid us with apartments to control us

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The former daughter-in-law of the Trump Organization’s finance chief, Jennifer Weisselberg, tells The New Yorker that

Jennifer was married to the son of Trump Org. CFO Allen Weisselberg until 2018. Her and her husband, Barry Weisselberg, were “gifted” a free apartment for seven years by Donald Trump. But the apartment was more than a gift–it was payment and leverage.

In Jennifer’s first extensive public remarks, she told me that, when someone works for the Trump Organization, “only a small part of your salary is reported.” She explained, “They pay you with apartments and other stuff, as a control tactic, so you can’t leave. They own you! You have to do whatever corrupt crap they ask.”

The New Yorker

The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office is putting pressure on Allen to Weisselberg to cooperate with the ongoing probe into Donald Trump’s finances. Jennifer’s not so sure they’ll get him to talk.

His whole worth is “Does Donald like me today?” It’s his whole life, his core being. He’s obsessed. He has more feelings and adoration for Donald than for his wife.

Jennifer Weisselberg

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