Jeff Sessions tells border prosecutors ‘we need to take away children’

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In a meeting with prosecutors at the southwestern border, Attorney General Jeff Sessions informs the group that, on Trump’s orders, it’s time to take away children who cross the border.

During a meeting with Mr. Sessions on May 11, 2018, the attorney general told the prosecutors, “we need to take away children,” according to the notes. Moments later, he described Mr. Trump as “very intense, very focused” on the issue, according to one person taking notes at the meeting.

Another person who attended the May 11 meeting wrote about the same part of the conversation involving Mr. Trump: “INTENSE: prosecute everyone.”

The New York Times

Over the next two years, nearly 3,000 children — some still too young to speak — are removed from their parents and placed in detention centers with other children.

Hundreds of those children have yet to be reunited with their parents when Trump leaves office; the Trump administration deported them without their kids. In some cases, the administration lost contact information for the parents.


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