Trump Admin rejects global effort to develop COVID vaccine

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The World Health Organization (WHO) announces that leaders from around the world have agreed to an $8 billion initiative to tackle the pandemic and race to develop a COVID-19 vaccine accessible to everyone involved. The Trump administration refuses to participate.

Trump recently accused WHO of being “China-centric” and mishandling its response to the coronavirus worldwide, obviously in an attempt to distract from his own failures at home. He also suspended all US funding of the organization 10 days ago.

The US president said funding would be on hold for 60 to 90 days pending a review of the WHO’s warnings about the coronavirus and China. He accused the global body of “severely mismanaging and covering up” the threat, even though it declared a public health emergency on 30 January – after which he continued to hold rallies, play golf and compare the coronavirus to the common flu.

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The United States currently has the highest death toll of any country in the world, even though we were one of the last countries to see the virus’s impact within our borders.

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