Jared Kushner & Trump Campaign fight Fox News for giving Arizona to Biden

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Sometime on Wednesday, Jared Kushner privately reaches out to Rupert Murdoch to beg the owner of Fox News, the New York Post, and other media outlets to retract Fox’s Arizona decision.

Late the previous night, Fox called Joe Biden as the projected winner of Arizona.

Kushner reached out to Murdoch as top Trump campaign adviser Jason Miller “frantically” pleaded for the network to retract its call, according to The New York Times. Kushner later made calls looking for someone whom he described as a “James Baker-like” figure who could head the campaign’s effort to contest the vote count in numerous states. Baker, an attorney who served as White House chief of staff to former President Ronald Reagan, led the 2000 recount push.


Murdoch previously acted as a mentor to Jared Kushner, even working to fix Jared and Ivanka’s broken relationship before they were married.



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