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The New York Post reports that Ghislaine Maxwell was photographed at an In-N-Out Burger in Los Angeles this week, just two days after Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged suicide. She was reading The Book of Honor: The Secret Lives and Deaths of CIA Operatives by Ted Gup.

After inspections by various sources, the most likely truth behind the photo of Maxwell is that it was either taken or photoshopped by her friend and attorney Leah Saffian and sold to the Post. If the photo is real, it couldn’t have been taken at the In-N-Out in Los Angeles.

If Saffian did indeed leak the photo of Maxwell, it was likely to try and throw the FBI off her scent. Maxwell was also rumored last week to be hiding out in the south of France, staying with one of her sisters, Christine Maxwell, an early internet and technology pioneer who helped co-found the website Magellan. But Christine reportedly sold that property in 2015 — and was seen on Saturday packing bags into a car in front of the Manchester-by-the-Sea mansion where her sister was said to be living with her boyfriend.

The Cut

Investigations by the Daily Mail and Inside Edition find multiple inconsistencies in the photo and the story that accompanies it. A forensic photo expert identifies evidence of photoshop.

But what about The Book of Honor?

Gup’s book focuses on agents whose intelligence roles remained secret even after their deaths. Maxwell staging a photo with the book could be her way of telling us that Epstein worked for the CIA.

This wouldn’t be surprising. Someone told Alexander Acosta that Epstein “belongs to intelligence.” Epstein and Maxwell’s father also worked for Israeli intelligence agency Mossad, allegedly.

After the Post story comes out, someone using the name “G. Maxwell” leaves a review of The Book of Honor on Amazon. There is no evidence that this review is written by Ghislaine, and the website says the reader purchased the e-book, not the physical copy. Someone could be pretending to be the madam, but in case it is her, here is the review:

A good friend of mine died recently under very tragic circumstances. Some of us saw it coming for quite a while but it was still a huge shock when it finally happened. I picked up this book at the advice of a friend and absolutely couldn’t put it down. I’d read it walking the dog, getting fast food, or even just lounging around the house. It helped me realized [sic] that my friend really believed in something, and that giving your life for the CIA, NSA, FBI, Mossad, or other intelligence agency is truly a higher calling and not something to mourn. A wholehearted recommendation.

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