Rupert Murdoch and Robert Maxwell enter bidding war for U.K. newspapers

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In 1969, Robert Maxwell (millionaire Mossad agent, Mogilevich partner, and a member of Parliament) enters two bidding wars with Rupert Murdoch (future owner of FOX and mentor to Jared Kushner) to buy News Of The Times and The Sun newspapers in the United Kingdom.

On January 2, Murdoch takes ownership of News Of The Times. The paper’s owners didn’t want to sell to Maxwell because of his Czech origins.

Later in the year, Murdoch wins the war for The Sun and turns it into a tabloid.

Five years after its arrival on Fleet Street, the Sun was up for sale partly because of losses dating back to its predecessor, the Herald.

As a broadsheet, the paper was attracting a daily readership of one million.

There were two key players interested in buying: the millionaire Labour MP Robert Maxwell and the right-leaning Australian newspaper proprietor Rupert Murdoch, who already owned The News of the World.

Mr Murdoch clinched the deal and immediately relaunched the Sun as a tabloid – shortly followed by the introduction of the Page Three girls.


In addition to News Of The Times and The Sun, Rupert Murdoch already owned a national Australian newspaper and several daily and weekly papers and television stations in the U.K.


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